Grandmaster Dr. Chiu Chi Ling, is grandmaster of the Hung Kuen style. He travels around the world to promote and teach Hung Gar Kungfu, to keep it alive and growing. With as many movies as years in his life, he is sure to keep traditional kungfu authentic. He has schools related to him all over the world. Many invite him every year to give seminars, in-depth lessons and celibrate his birthday party as well as that of Wong fei Hung.

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  1. Hello! I hope you are well! I train under a student of The Grandmaster in St. Louis. I am very interested in making a trip to study personally with Grandmaster Chiu. Would this be possible? Please email me and let me know. I am a very devoted student and committed to Hung Gar.
    Thank you very much. Matt.

  2. Any qualified teachers in the United States with schools. Looking for a school and thought to ask. Thanks again. I have been in martial arts since 1985 and was under two teachers back in early 1990’s. Ed Orem, Old Man Yi and learned couple sets from Doc Fai Wong in Bay Area, Ca through Seminars. I am interested in growth and learning and thought to host seminars and workshops if possible. Thank you for your time.

  3. Dear Dr. Chiu Chi Ling
    We are making a presentation about Kung Fu and our teacher gave us her email adress to rite you. We like to alsk you some questions about you and Kung Fu.We are both going in the shaloin hungar Kung Fu schoool in zuerich.
    Please reply us and let us know.
    Thank you very much. Julia, Lena

  4. Hello and good day. Starting in Sept i will be in the city of Foshan. I will any information on the best Hung Gar schools i can attend there. Im looking for full time schools on the long term training. Any help you can give me would help very much. Thank you again

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